Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Forbidden Fountain Turns Thirty

It only recently occurred to me that 2010 is the thirtieth anniversary of the publication of Eloise Jarvis McGraw and Lauren Lynn McGraw's second Oz book, The Forbidden Fountain of Oz, which was published by The International Wizard of Oz Club.

Pictured at right are author Eloise McGraw and the illustrator of the book, Dick Martin. This photo was taken at the Ozmopolitan Convention in 1980 where the book was launched. Between them is the celebratory cake, decorated to look like the book's cover.


Edward Einhorn said...

It's also the 10th anniversary of Paradox!

Jay said...

I have that one. Only major issue I had with it was that there were too few pictures!

There will be a blog about it when I get to it...

David Maxine said...

@Edward - Why I guess I'll have to blog about PARADOX!

@Jared - I agree re: the minimal illustrations. The story behind that is probably worth a blog, too!

Colin Ayres British Fan Of Oz said...

30 years already blimey!

Great book agreed to few pictures! Love the story on this one though I tend to prefer Eloise Mcgraw's books to the Thompson one's.

Her characters & plots had more depth too them.
I love her detailed description of Oz too.

I shall have to re-read it in honor of the anniversary.

10 years of Paradox to that Scary I bought the book on release that makes me feel old.

Two great books both with Ozma as a central character for a change.