Friday, September 10, 2010

Nip and Tuck and Click

It's come to my attention that some of my readers didn't know that if one clicks on an image in the TIGER TALK blog it will expand to full size - at which point you can see much more detail and Ozziness!

So come on! Give it a try! Here's a panel from John R. Neill's beautiful comic strip The Adventures of Nip and Tuck that you can practice with. Just click on it and it will reopen as a much bigger image!

See? Wasn't that easy? And don't Nip, Tuck, and their dog Dingleberry look an awful lot like Dorothy, Button Bright, and Toto?

So now that you know about this clickey technique you can go back to the beginning and look at every image in the entire Tiger Talk blog all over again!


Glenn Ingersoll said...

I've found it makes reading Sis sez a bit easier.

David Maxine said...

I hadn't even considered that maybe folks haven't been able to read SIS SEZ cuz they haven't been looking at the large version!

I'll add a "reminder to enlarge" sentence to future SIS SEZ posts.

BTW, Sis tells me she's delighted to know that SOMEONE is reading her!

Colin Ayres British Fan Of Oz said...

As soon as I saw the image I thought Road to Oz!