Monday, September 20, 2010

John R. Neill's Home for Sale

It seems that the 1904 home of John R. Neill, the Imperial Illustrator of Oz, is up for sale. I don't find the property on the realtor's website anymore but it was listed by:

The house is in Lumberville, Pennsylvania, on the Delaware River. This is quite possibly the home Neill was living in when he drew the illustrations for The Marvelous Land of Oz in 1904. As you can read in the ad, the house is  "a sensational stone home with stunning panoramic river views and was the studio in 1904 for John R. Neill ... Solarium with fireplace overlooks terrace and Delaware River. Chef's kitchen and cozy tap room with bar. Exquisite master suite with intimate balcony. Inspirational!"

Well, I'm inspired! I'm ready to move in tomorrow! Anybody got a spare million?

[Blogger's note: And now it's back on the market! 10/26/2011]

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Ozmahime said...

A Million for a property in Jersey... no thanks :D Though if I was a multi-millionaire I might buy it to turn it into a museum.