Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Equine Paradox

In this month's free TIGER TALE on our main website we offer the lyrics to L. Frank Baum's song "The Equine Paradox,"  from his 1905 flop stage musical The Woggle-Bug, which was an adaptation of Baum's second Oz book, The Marvelous Land of Oz (1904).   

It would be nice to imagine the song referred to the Sawhorse, but it really doesn't. The song featured music by Frederic Chapin.  

The short life-span of The Woggle-Bug musical has caused the original sheet music to be very rare today. But it has all been reprinted in our Complete Sheet Music from The Woggle-Bug.

Only a handful of song sheets survive - several of them in only one known copy! Hungry Tiger Press takes great pride in having collected all of them for you in a handsome and affordable volume.

All of the Woggle-Bug music that is known to survive is in this volume, including Paul Tietjens's "What Did the Woggle-Bug Say?". This volume also contains a reprint of the original Woggle-Bug program book, contemporary reviews, articles, and photographs. Plus a generous appendix featuring several songs from Chapin's 1902 hit, The Storks, and an informative foreword by David Maxine.

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