Monday, September 6, 2010

David and Eric and Road

This blog is a bit more personal and less Oz-related than usual, but so what, here goes.

In June, Eric Shanower and I celebrated the twentieth anniversary of our moving in together. We had a group of friends over to celebrate and one of our nearest and dearest, cartoonist Joe Phillips, presented us with a small drawing of Eric and me and our dog-child, The Road to Oz. We lost Road on Labor Day, a year ago, at the age of sixteen and a half. He was the finest dog either of us ever had. But Joe made sure he was in the picture just the same. He also put me in a Wizard of Oz t-shirt.

Thank you, Joe :)


Mark Holmes said...

That is the sweeetest thing ever!

Colin Ayres British Fan Of Oz said...

It's a really lovely picture guys.

Sorry to hear about Road, I had seen him mentioned a few times when I had read up on you both when I first found Hungry Tiger press many years back.

16.5 is a good age for a dog, Ozma our oldest cat is on her last legs now at 18 and I will miss her alot when she goes as she like a kid to us too.

20 years congrats we've just passed 8 so a fair bit of catching up to do, here's to the next twenty :)

Tim Tucker said...

So sorry to hear about Road. I know exactly how you must feel. He was a cute dog.

Nathan said...

I'm sorry to hear about Road. I remember seeing him at one of my earliest Munchkin Conventions.