Friday, August 20, 2010

Dorothy Goes to Comic Con

So, I blogged a while ago about how hard it was to find the Dorothy of Oz trading cards at San Diego Comic Con. Well, that's because the Dorothy of Oz folks were stirring up a ruckus OUTSIDE of Comic Con on the streets of San Diego. And here's the YOU TUBE clip to prove it!

Of special interest to our readers are a few special appearances in the video. Long time Winkie Con attendees Barbara and Jeff Taylor can be seen at markers :53 and 3:14 in the video. And Ozopolis writer Kirk Kushin can be seen at markers 2:01 and 4:43 and a bit at the very end.

You can also spot an assortment of Star Wars stormtroopers, a zombie, and a Dorothy in a plastic Judy Garland wig. Ahhhh. . . . Comic Con!


Mayor of Ozopolis said...

I need to leave my booth more often! It looks like a party out there. Those folks from the movie are very nice.

Unknown said...

I am very happy to say that I got all of my nine cards from the very helpful and friendly Dorothy Street Team Members. Can't wait for the movie's release. Is it 2012 yet? LOL!