Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Read like an Egyptian!

Our latest Pawprint book, Sam Steele's Adventures - The Treasure of Karnak has gotten more than the usual amount of publicity. The latest is a nice review in the glossy British magazine Ancient Egypt. It just appeared in their August/September 2010 issue.

It's a very good review and I will quote the last few paragraphs:

"Written for teenage boys, it is perhaps surprisingly violent for its time, and its historical accuracy is of some dubious quality; but having said that, it is no worse than many novels set in Egypt written in the last one hundred years, when authors should have known better.

"This edition has an excellent introduction by Egyptologist David Moyer, who provides some background on the author, on the Egypt of the early 1900s and on the ancient period relevant to the novel. This is supplemented by extracts from Baum's own account of a trip he made to Egypt in 1906. 

"The Treasure of Karnak is a great historical thriller, designed to quicken the pulse of any red-blooded young male (and possibly even older ones too!)." The full review can be read on-line at the Ancient Egypt website.

If you've never read one of Baum's Sam Steele books - why not give this one a try?

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Ozmahime said...

I still need to get through the Aunt Jane series, but after that I might give this a try.