Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Treasury of the Forgotten Forest!

I'm very pleased to announce the publication today of a wonderful and incredibly over-sized edition of Eric Shanower's graphic novel The Forgotten Forest of Oz.

This new "Treasury Edition" from comics publisher IDW measures 10" x 13 1/4" so that Shanower's art is printed larger than ever before, allowing full appreciation of the fine, detailed linework and the rich tones of each watercolored panel. But there's more than just the acclaimed story of The Forgotten Forest of Oz. Aside from the dramatic new cover painting, this Treasury Edition features over sixteen pages of bonus material, including previously unpublished color versions of the original endpapers, never-before-seen character sketches, the artwork and script for the very first version of this tale called "The Story of Nebelle," and the preliminary art and script for the original ending of Forgotten Forest which was quite different and hasn't been published in its entirety until now!

I'm also happy to let you know that this spectacular new reprint is available to order at our online store. And as a special offer,  the first hundred copies ordered from Hungry Tiger Press will come with a signed and numbered bookplate designed especially for this offer by Eric Shanower.

Also, if you would like your book personally autographed, Mr. Shanower has agreed to do so. Simply make the request in the "special instructions" field during checkout.

You can look at a preview of the new edition of The Forgotten Forest of Oz by clicking here.


Jay said...

*Checks store*

... Only $10!


Finally, something gets released on my payday!

saintfighteraqua said...

Only $10? This is a great deal! I was expecting it to be double that! If I can get some extra funds soon I want one of these. I hope I am one of the first one hundred!

Back when I was a kid I loved this story and it even helped get a friend into Oz (he even bought one too!)

Glenn Ingersoll said...

A forest of dragons!!!

Sam said...

Eric Shanower has said how "Forgotten Forest" was his most favourite of the Oz graphic novels. Now it's been given a "Treasury Edition".

So . . . does that mean "Secret Island", his least favourite, could get the "Junkyard Edition". Huh, huh?

But seriously, by "oversize" are we talking "Queer Visitors" large size?

And a big new book edition of an old Oz story for a decent price . . . I think I could get that!

David Maxine said...

The measurements are given in the blog :)