Friday, March 2, 2012

Nice Package!

Today I got a nice big surprise package in the mail - a box of Ozzy goodness from Japan! It contained a copy of the Japanese program book for the film version of The Wiz, two little picture books of The Wizard of Oz and Ozma of Oz, a theatre magazine with a double-page spread of the Hello Kitty Wizard of Oz musical, and a little tablet of Hello Kitty Wizard of Oz notepaper!

Eric Gjovaag, over at The Wonderful Blog of Oz, suggested to a friend of his that I might be a happy recipient of the Japanese Wiz program -  but I hadn't expected such a neat little treasure bag! Thanks, Eric, and thanks, Michael!

I'm especially pleased with the Hello Kitty stuff - I really want a copy of the Hello Kitty Wizard of Oz DVD from Japan. Anyone? Pretty please?

The sender of this little Ozzy treasure trove has a blog -  My Two Yen Worth - which is much worth checking out. There are several Oz-related blog posts on it, too.

Domo arigato, Jones-San!

Hello Kitty WIZARD OF OZ notepaper!


Sam said...

I have that Japanese "Wizard of Oz" book, which is actually of the "Ribbon and Stars" variety (you can see them on the top of the cover). But DANG I wanted that Ozma too!

So you don't mind having "Wiz Movie" merchandise, despite your dislike of the movie?

I wish they'd release the Toho anime on DVD!

David Maxine said...

I like all the WIZ movie merchandising- I can enjoy bit os the movie, too. It's just a shame that it fails on so many levels when it could have been superb.

Michael Jones said...

I am very pleased that you are very pleased!
I have a copy of the DVD and if I knew how to make a copy of it, I'd do so. (To be honest, I haven't watched it yet. I may be willing to part with depends on my enjoyment of it. I did, though, thoroughly enjoyed the play so I'll probably continue to retain it.)

Anonymous said...

I wish someone in Japan could find recordings of the 1996 LIFE & ADVENTURES OF SANTA CLAUS anime. A few years ago someone uploaded the credits on Youtube (since removed) and there have been books and a soundtrack made available, but the series itelf remains elusive.

saintfighteraqua said...

Oz and anime are two of my favorite things, it's a shame no one has tried an anime adaption in recent years!
I agree about the Wiz, the movie had a good premise and just dropped the ball. The music was mostly enjoyable though.
I'd prefer to see the play which I've heard stays truer to the book.

There was a Life and Adventures of Santa Claus anime? Was it true to Baum's story?

Michael Jones said...

I wrote a little bit about Santa's adventures here
and here

Since my employment situation will be up in the air shortly, I can't afford to seek out copies any longer. Maybe in May...