Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DOROTHY OF OZ hits the streets!

The first issue of IDW's Dorothy of Oz comic book prequel arrives in comic books stores today.

It features a very atypical cover design by Eric Shanower - an interesting twist since Shanower was offered the job of illustrating the original Roger Baum novel back in 1989. Eric had to turn down the project for a variety of reasons, but somehow fate decided to get him back on board. I'm not sure whether to blame the evil Jester or Marshall Mallow!

The comic is written by Denton J. Tipton and features art by Blair Shedd. You can check out an eight-page preview by clicking here.

You can see Eric Shanower's cover for issue one below. Enjoy!


Nathan said...

Is the comic based on the Roger Baum book? Kind of a stupid question, probably, but I haven't been able to tell for sure.

Jay said...

I want Eric's covers, so I'm buying the individual issues.

Mark C. said...

The comic is more based on the movie, but the movie is adapted from the Roger Baum book. So... sorta?

Sam said...

I'm pretty sure the comics are based on the movie, or "foreshadowing" more like it.

CAN'T WAIT TO GET IT THIS WEEK (since the Marvel series is still being waited upon)!