Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rachel and the Scarecrow - BLOG 400!

Oz book author Rachel Cosgrove Payes was famous for being "anti-collectible" and trumpeting her motto "Oz is for kids." Yet this same Royal Historian would eventually show up at the Munchkin Con in a Wicked Witch of the South Costume she'd made herself. She happily showed off her "Silver Slippers," a pair of silver leather sling-back pumps, with a girlish grin and twist of her ankle, and she even made a few Oz collectibles! One such was the Scarecrow shown below.

Rachel had either knit or crocheted him and brought him to the convention and donated him to the auction. Several people bid on him, but in the end the person that wanted it most was Eric Shanower. So now he lives with us.His tag (which I didn't scan) was made by Rachel and explains that she made him (I believe from a kit or pattern). I think Rachel thought the Scarecrow would be bought by a kid - but she seemed to be pleased Eric got him. I've no doubt if any other adult had gotten him Rachel would have had quite a chuckle.

I remember once Rachel and Eric and I were sitting around discussing "the collector mentality." She just couldn't believe adults were paying so much money for such odd and Ozzy things - like MGM-inspired plastic tea sets that were selling for hundreds of dollars. I started joking around that maybe she should cash in quick. Perhaps she could put her "Silver Slippers" in the auction? She looked confused and said, "But I've worn them!" I replied, "Oh, Rachel, you just don't understand - that's WHY they'd sell! Can't you just see Fred Meyer happily traveling home with his new shoes, once worn by an actual Royal Historian?" Rachel laughed - but for a millionth of a second I think she might have considered selling her shoes.

Anyway -  this is indeed the 400th blog post on Hungry Tiger Talk. On the whole I am enjoying myself and I hope the blog will continue for years to come. I started the blog to attract people to our on-line store and encourage the sale of our Oz books. It's not been terribly effective thus far. However, if you'd like to support the blog you can click here and go right to our store where you'll find a fine selection of Baum and Oz material, Eric Shanower's Oz comics, and much more. And to celebrate this 400th blog we are offering FREE Media Mail shipping for the next week. Simply enter the coupon code TIGERSHIP during checkout. The coupon is good thru next Thursday. Come buy a book!


Jay said...

Looking at that picture makes me wonder how you organize your books and DVDs.

David Maxine said...

That's one of Eric's shelves so I'll let him explain :)

Sam said...

I can see the "Journey Back to Oz" DVD, Oz Toy Book, your Foreign Sea Fairies, English-translated "Magic Land" books, "Silver Shoes", "Gump", "Dinamonster", "Barnstormer", some variations of "Wizard of Oz" and a "Ozma" . . . as well as Hitler, Maguire and Magic Book.

But I can't help but wonder what that (blue) spine is next to Filmation's animated movie?

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend buying the 2010 edition of TALES OF MAGIC LAND 1 which has more info on Volkov and other new material not found in the 1991 one.