Monday, June 6, 2011

Programs, Get Your Programs!

I've just finished editing and assembling this year's Winkie Convention Program Book. It's the biggest yet at 164 pages. In addition to all the useful stuff, like the schedule of events, maps, and convention info, the book has lengthy interviews with our special guests Tommy Kovac (writer of Royal Historian of Oz) and Kirk Kushin (writer of OZopolis), as well as a lengthy interview with Joe Cascone of the Toronto Civic Light Opera Co. Joe and his partner, David Haines, will be entertaining us on Saturday night with a concert of Oz music.

The program book is packed with beautiful illustrations by John R. Neill and essays on The Sea Fairies and Pirates in Oz by Michael Riley, Judy Bieber, Kathleen Krull, Michael Cart, Peter Hanff, Eric Shanower, and others. We also have a pin-up gallery featuring Ozzy art by Joe Phillips, Kevenn T. Smith, Dick Martin, and Vincent Desjardins.

The front cover (at left) was specially prepared by Eric Shanower, and we have a terrific back cover painting by OZopolis cover artist Sylwia Smerl.

If you are not going to be able to join us at the WINKIE CON this year, but you would like a copy of the hardcover Program Book, they are available for a limited time at $25. All profits go toward this and future Winkie Conventions. To order your copy, please send $25 plus $5 for Priority Shipping to:

Hungry Tiger Press
5995 Dandridge Lane #121
San Diego, CA  92115

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