Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ozma and the Royal Historian

We've had very comical Wednesdays recently as two fine Oz comic books hit the stands! First up is Marvel's Ozma of Oz #3 from Skottie Young and Eric Shanower, which went on sale yesterday. It's a genuine treat as we get to see this Oz book favorite come to new life.

The issue begins with Tik-tok subduing the Wheelers and the short journey to the Palace of Ev. Skottie's ultra-zaftig Princess Langwidere, sitting in her mirrored hall, playing her mandolin, is especially cool! The images immediately made me think of Disney's Return to Oz, but it is straight out of Baum's text. The hundreds of framed round mirrors on walls, ceiling, and floor are great! This issue ends with the arrival of Princess Ozma and company on the magic carpet. Click here for a preview

Also out recently was Tommy Kovac's and Andy Hirsch's Royal Historian of Oz #3 from SLG. You'll be getting a full blog on this series in the next week or so - and writer Tommy Kovac will be a guest of honor at this year's Winkie Con! Here's a link to order directly from the publisher.

Remember, the best way to keep cool Oz comics coming out is to buy them and let your local comic store know you want them!

 Our Sale of the Week continues with The Living House of Oz  being offered at 25% off the cover price. Also, illustrator Eric Shanower will be happy to autograph any copy sold this week. You can request such in the "Special Instructions" field during check out. 


Ozaline said...

I'll be picking up my comics tomorrow most likely, have been enjoying Royal Historian thus far and I deffinitly am looking forward to the apperance of Princess Ozma, though Langwidere should be awesome too.

Tommy Kovac said...

Yay! I can't wait to pick up the new Ozma! It looks awesome. And THANK YOU very kindly for the shout-out about Royal Historian. :)
P.S.- After holiday binging I'm feeling rather zaftig myself.