Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Don't Write in Your Books!

This week Jared Davis's Royal Blog of Oz reviewed Ruth Plumly Thompson's 1934 Oz book, Speedy in Oz. I agree with his appraisal - the book is one of Thompson's better Oz books, and it was supposedly her own favorite.

About fifteen years ago two Oz friends, David and Douglas Greene, decided to sell their very substantial Baum and Oz collection. Many of their Thompson Oz books had been personally inscribed, and I knew I wanted one. As you've probably surmised by now, I chose to focus my limited financial resources on their copy of Speedy in Oz.

Besides just wanting an inscribed copy of one of my RPT favorites, I also chose this copy because it was in virtually like-new condition and in dustjacket. I was also greatly pleased that this book had been signed to "David" Greene, and not to his twin brother, Douglas. This way I can kinda sorta pretend it was signed to me (since I'm named David).

Thompson wrote a rhyming inscription: "When it comes to good reading, adventures, and fun, the kingdom of Oz, Dave, is second to none! Cheeriest wishes from all the Oz folk and Ruth Plumly Thompson."

Thompson also scribbled a bit on the ownership page. After the printed This Book Belongs to she has written in David Greene! She then drew three little stick-figure sketches of a man all excited in Dave's behalf. I bet you didn't know RPT ever drew any sequential art!


scott o. said...

That auction was quite a while ago, if I recall correctly.

David Maxine said...

Yup - That's why I mentioned it was about fifteen years ago in the blog.
Though in checking records it seems it was actually Fall of 1993! Yikes time flys!

Nathan said...

I actually have a few books with inscriptions to Eric. Not FF books, though.