Monday, November 14, 2011

Soup! Soup! Soup!

I've been cleaning house and sorting boxes of Oz crap and recently ran across a drawing I did for Eric a very long time ago, back when he was editing the Oz Calendar.

In previous years I had done several drawings for the Oz Calendar and I'd not been terribly happy with any of them. I don't like drawing line art all that much, but I do like painting, and Eric suggested I try painting a calendar picture instead of working in pen-and-ink line art. So I did. The theme was to be "The Villains of Oz," as I recall. I was quite pleased with my picture - a silly drawing of the Roly-Rogues from Baum's Queen Zixi of Ix (1905). After I'd finished the drawing the "Villains" calendar theme was abandoned and the drawing was never published.

But the Roly-Rogues were getting hungry after all these years, so I've let them loose on the blog.


Jay said...

What a cute, unique, humorous take on the Roly-Rogues!

Fredrick Richardson is still the man, though.

Glenn Ingersoll said...


David Lee Ingersoll said...

Very nice!

Bill Campbell said...

And they look like they mean business!

Sam said...

You did this?


The Roly-Rogues actually look like menacing characters moreso than before yet probably would have been approved by L. Frank Baum.

Scott Olsen said...

Cleaning house? Moving?

David Maxine said...

No, not moving - just cleaning house and rearranging stuff after painting and re-carpeting the master bedroom.

saintfighteraqua said...

I really like it!

Back when I was a kid I had several pictures of mine in a Beautiful Villains calendar for the Oz club.
I illustrated Jinjur, the gypsies from Ojo in Oz, The Mangaboo Princess and I think one other...I'd have to dig it out to be sure.

I think I was 13 or 14 at the time.