Friday, June 25, 2010

Big Things in Little Packages

The second volume in IDW's reissue of Eric Shanower's much-loved Oz graphic novel series has just been released! And it's packed with three complete stories: The Forgotten Forest of Oz, The Secret Island of Oz, and The Blue Witch of Oz. The book's page-size has been reduced to 6"x 9" but the price has been shrunk, too, to the modest amount of $9.95.

Two of these stories are probably the three darkest of  Shanower's five Oz graphic novels. Forgotten Forest deals with complex feelings about loyalty, and when and if it's ok to break the law. Blue Witch is about broken families, child custody, and tough choices. It's still an Oz book, but it shows Oz characters can have very real problems to solve. Fairyland isn't perfect after all.

Shanower has created a new cover design. A never-before-reproduced color illustration of the Cowardly Lion and a small ink drawing of Eureka are both new to the book, too.  At the back are some Blue Witch of Oz character designs and a painting of Nelanthe the Wood Nymph standing on the rim of the Troll King's volcano - both of which were only previously published in the pricey but sumptuous Adventures in Oz Hardcover Collector's Edition.

Little Adventures in Oz - Volume 2  is available now in our on-line store. Its 136 pages are printed in full-color. It's a perfect size and perfect price for introducing someone to Oz or comics for the first time.

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