Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Last Weekend in Vegas

This last weekend Eric Shanower (at right) and Hungry Tiger Press attended the third annual Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival in Las Vegas.

Eric was on a panel where he was asked what the strangest thing he'd ever had to draw in a comic book was. His reply was: "Drawing Harlan Ellison as a ninja!" This was, of course, from the comic book Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor for which Eric has drawn Harlan doing all sorts of things!

Eric also did a book signing in the autograph tent - but he was signing books at the booth all day, too.

I managed to snag a few copies of the Marvel Ozma of Oz poster and I picked up a copy of Tommy Kovac's Royal Historian of Oz #2 as well. A review will follow in a few days.

It was a fun day of sitting about, chatting, selling some books, and afterwards having a tasty Thai dinner with friends.


Vincent Desjardins said...

Are those Oz lunch pails I spot in the lower part of the photo?

David Maxine said...

Why, yes! Those ARE Ozzy lunch pails! They feature Shanower Oz art but our supply is almost gone - which is why they aren't on the website right now.

I only have about eight left. Perhaps I should list these last few?

ozmahime said...

I might be interested in a Lunch Pail XD does it have Ozma on it? And did it grow from a lunch pail tree?

Vincent Desjardins said...

Yes, I think you should list them. If they're not too expensive, I'd be interested in buying one. Do you have photos of them?

David Maxine said...

Thanks guys - I will add it back into the store in the next day or so (with photos of course). The price is a little higher than as issued because there are only a few left. Also, due to peculiarities in the "Shipping" software on the website I will list the lunchboxes as "shipping included" as they can't ship at Media Mail prices.