Monday, November 22, 2010

Eating in Oz

When Eric Shanower and I were in Bristol, England, on the recent Age of Bronze tour, we were taken out to eat at a restaurant with a most unusual name!

The Oz Restaurant served Turkish cuisine. Both the food and the drink were delicious. The Oz restaurant served a dish called Oz, too. It was lamb.

We spent a splendid evening with a dozen or more participants in the Imagines II Conference, which took place at Bristol University. The conviviality and conversation among a diverse crowd of folks from a couple continents made for a fine and memorable time.

We first arrived for dinner at the restaurant after dark one evening--too dark for a good photo. But when Eric and I saw the name of the restaurant, we knew we had to return to snap a quick record of our meal in Oz.

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ericshanower said...

I just noticed I'm wearing my Wicked parody sweatshirt.