Thursday, August 4, 2011

Return to Oz - Return to the '80s

A friend from England just sent me this charming little record. I've known about it for a while; I even have an mp3 recording of the song. But until now I didn't have the actual 45 rpm disc. Now I do.

The song is wonderfully mid 80s and extremely Ozzy in its lyrics. I'm not sure why Victoria Wood recorded it. It was not used in the film in any way. Wood is best known in the UK for writing humorous songs. This one is fairly atypical. But I actually really like it.

So, click the video below to hear Victoria Wood's Return to Oz!


S.P. Maldonado said...

That is the sound of the 80s alright.

Robby said...

Never heard that before. Thanks!

Sam said...

Oh, gee . . . thanks for including my little video in your blog!

I've improved a bit more upon my editing since then and I'm glad people will still be able to see it online. I like the Scissor Sisters song, but this one definitely fits the movie more and better, with the 80s theme and mentioning of the Nome King, Dorothy's duty and "calling, calling" (which is mentioned in the movie Novel).

Just wish Youtube had not joined with Google and forced me to undergo a new name . . . but at least I can still go on and watch these.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

I can hear Joe Cascone belting it out over the piano.

I like the way the video shows Dorothy being caught in Uncle Henry(?)'s arms when she falls from the sky.

diana green said...

David, one of the movie channels (I think it's Flix) is showing Return to Oz this month, and they're letterboxing it. I'm sure you have the DVD, but a quick heads up to check the listings is always a good idea- I made a homeburn DVD since I haven't picked up the commercial one yet. I know it's blasphemy to some, but I think it's a better Oz film than the '39.

Colin Ayres British Fan Of Oz said...

Sam the editing is high quality!

Sam said...

Thanks! I also exported it in 'high quality'.

And yes Glen, that IS Uncle Henry.