Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello Kitty in the Magical Land of Oz

What more need be said!


Glenn Ingersoll said...

Speaking of new musical versions of The Wizard, have you heard any of the new one in New York?


I saw an article in the NYT but haven't heard any of the music.

While I was watching that Hello Kitty thing the Before the Rainbow CD dropped through the mail slot. Thanks!

Oh. Wait. I found a sort of coming attractions trailer for "Yellow Brick Road":

"You just dropped a picnic table on the Wicked Witch of the East!"

Michael Jones said...

I paid a visit there in Jan 2010 if you're interested.

Ozaline said...

Michael, looked at your blog looks you had a lot of fun... but one observation

"The play then bizarrely switches to a broadway number with Rockettes dancing with each family member, showcasing some fancy moves and glorious costumes climaxing in a Curtain Call." This isn't weird at all... I've seen tons of Japanese musicals end this way, it comes from Takarazuka Kagekidan which always ends their plays with a musical revue... so it seems pretty common for other Japanese plays (Kagekidan or not) to follow suit and end with one or two (or more) revue songs.

Michael Jones said...

Thanks Ozaline, that's quite informative.