Friday, July 1, 2011

Geocaching in Oz

A week from today the 47th Annual Winkie Con will begin. In addition to all of the usual things, we have quite a few surprises and Ozzy new activities. One of which is the first-ever Oz Con Geocache.

What is a geocache, you ask? It is a hidden treasure that you find by using a special program on your iPhone. Using GPS, the geocache app will tell you how close you are to the hidden item. You can learn a bit more about geocaching from this website:

To participate, you must have an iPhone or iPad and have downloaded the geocache app from the iTunes store. There is a free app called "Geocaching INTRO," and the full-version runs $9.95. The free one will work fine for Oz Con purposes. There will be additional information on the geocache at the reception. But if you are interested, it is strongly recommended that you download the free app BEFORE you arrive at the convention. Note this free INTRO is only good for three "caches," so don't have too much fun before you get to Winkies! There are other geocaching programs for other phones and GPS devices, but I don't know much about them. They would probably work - I just can't make any suggestions on apps or devices.

An info sheet will be distributed at the convention with a few more tips and some geocaching etiquette. It's not too late to join us at the Winkie Con, either. Simply download the registration materials, contact the registrar SOON, and get yourself to Pacific Grove, California, next weekend!  You can check out our entire Convention Schedule by downloading this PDF.

You can download our PDF Registration Forms at the link below:

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