Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nine is Enough!

Last night I got to look over Skottie Young's inks for issue #1 of Marvel's Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz - one of the perks of living with the writer of the series. I think it may be the very best adaptation yet. Both Eric and Skottie are so on top of it!

You'll have to wait to see the inks. But for now, here's Skottie's great cover for issue #2 showing the Nine Tiny Piglets. I wonder which one was hiding on the cover of issue #1.

So get ready for a super Ozzy year in comics and make sure your local comic shop knows you want to read Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. It's a great time to start someone new on the series as well. And don't forget that the hardcover collection of Ozma of Oz hits the stores in September, too.

Come on, the piglets are waiting for you!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for this and Ozma of Oz

diana green said...

David, my Oz collection is all the way upstairs and I'm all set up for writing in my cozy air-conditioned bedroom.
So I can only ask. Isn't Dorothy and the Wizard a short story collection? Will each issue be a different story?
Really enjoying these adaptations, but part of me wishes they'd skip the floppies, with ads every other page, and go straight to the GNs.

David Maxine said...

Hi Diana - No, I believe you're thinking of the LITTLE WIZARD STORIES OF OZ which was indeed six short stories. DOROTHY AND THE WIZARD is Baum's fourth full-length Oz novel. Dorothy falls thru a crack in the earth after an earthquake along with her cousin Zeb, Jim the cab-horse, Eureka, and the Wizard.