Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yellow Brick Road

For sixteen and a half years Eric and I had a most wonderful dog child. He can be admired at left. His full name was The Road to Oz - but we called him Road.

He was named after L. Frank Baum's fifth Oz book, The Road to Oz, in which Oz illustrator John R. Neill drew Toto looking like a Boston terrier. Road got to know most of our Oz friends over the years and he attended quite a few Oz conventions with us - sometimes rather covertly.

But at least once, he was not covert at all. That was the year he participated in the 1994 Ozmapolitan Convention costume contest! He came dressed as a Yellow Brick - which made him The Yellow Brick Road.

He was very good about wearing his costume, though I am sure he didn't like it very much. Road went on to win a prize, too. You can see him standing in the winner's circle below with my BF Eric Shanower. I do miss Road.


Sam said...

A Boston Terrier dog named The Road To Oz dressed up as a Yellow Brick from the Yellow Brick Road . . . I suppose he could be called The Yellow Brick Road To Oz.

Sorry for your Loss.

May he Rest In Peace.

James C. Wallace II said...

Animals, be they cats, dogs or even mice have a way of inspiring Love in even the most timid of people. Treasure them while they're here and honor them when they leave. Memories never fade.

Nathan said...

I remember seeing him in the yellow brick costume at a Munchkin Convention, too.