Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ten Years of Tiger Tales

Every month since we started the Hungry Tiger Press website we have published a little-known story or poem by one of the original Oz book authors or illustrators. It has been ten years now - how time flies! - and we have just published our 120th free on-line TIGER TALE.

This month we present L. Frank Baum's short story The Little Man and His Little Gun from Mother Goose in Prose (1897). This book was, of course, L. Frank Baum's first published book for children, and it was the first book illustrated by Maxfield Parrish. You can see Parrish's drawing of "The Little Man" at left.

There is a lot of great stuff in the Tiger Tales archive. Do take a few minutes and look at our bountiful list of free Ozzy reading  by clicking here

Happy Reading!

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