Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Winkies, and T-shirts, and Tote Bags, Oh My!

With the 2011 Winkie Convention coming up in July now would be a great time to begin thinking about what you're going to wear and how you're going to carry around all the Ozzy con-loot you're gonna get.

So to help you out - and to help the Winkie Convention - we have started a Winkie Con Boutique on Zazzle where you can buy Oz Con t-shirts and Ozzy tote bags. Please note that all profits go to fund the Winkie Convention!

You may choose items featuring the lovely Mucha-esque portrait of Queen Aquareine by John R. Neill from The Sea Fairies - or you may choose the jolly image of Ozzy pirate, Captain Salt, and his friends Ato and Peter Brown on the high seas of the Nonestic Ocean.

If you haven't already made plans to join us for this year's Winkie Convention there's still time. Click here or on the Winkie Convention tab in the blog menu for details.

And come visit us in the shop, too! Don't you need the latest in Ozzy apparel and a spiffy tote bag? You know you need them and the Winkie Con needs you!

Click Here or below to visit the Winkie Con Boutique!


Eric said...

Should I mention that that's not Peter, but actually Tandy, on the right in the pirates patch? No? Okay, forget that I mentioned it...

David Maxine said...

I knew SOMEONE would mention it! Well this comes about because the cover of CAPTAIN SALT is PD and the cover of PIRATES is not.

That said, here's a Thompson riddle for you: "What is the difference between Peter and Tandy?"

Answer: How they spell their name!