Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Baumian Souvenir

I hope that most of my readers know that Baum scholar Michael O. Riley (author of Oz and Beyond) is also a very fine printer and book binder. Indeed, his Pamami Press has specialized in lovely, limited editions of some very obscure Baum texts. He sets the metal type by hand, chooses the papers, binds them himself - he makes books the old-fashioned way.

Well, I am delighted to announce that he and his Pamami Press have prepared a very special limited edition "keepsake" for the attendees of this summer's Winkie Convention. Michael has produced by hand (and by his beautiful old-fashioned press) one hundred and fifteen copies of Baum's little-known blustery poem "Blow, Winds, Blow!"

The lovely little booklet contains a preface by Riley, Baum's poem, and a short colophon describing the printing of the "keepsake" and its publication for "The Winkie Convention."

This Baum booklet will only be available at the Winkie Convention and only  the first 115 people to register will receive one. Right now we are still a bit under that number, so if you register right now you too can own a copy of this rare Baumian collectible.

Below you can see the actual printing press Michael has used to produce this splendid souvenir for the Winkie Convention! Come celebrate Oz with us this summer - and YOU can have a copy of the booklet for your very own!

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Jay said...

I didn't know about Pamami Press until now! Wow... And so glad I'm registered, and planning on arriving early!