Thursday, May 5, 2011


Captain Salt by John R. Neill (1931)
I am most sorry for the minimal blogging of late - alas, I was taken prisoner by a bunch of Pirates!

Well, that's only sorta true. I have been locked below decks finishing the Winkie Convention Program Book for this summer. It must go to press by about May 15th to make sure we have plenty of copies for Winkie Con attendees this July.

The 2011 Program Book will be the thickest and longest yet produced - over 150 pages of Ozzy information, good reading, and oceanic fun. We have contributions by Michael Riley, Judy Bieber, Peter Hanff, Robin Hess, Eric Shanower; and little-known Pirate works by John R. Neill, W. W. Denslow, and Ruth Plumly Thompson.

It also features lengthy interviews with Oz creators Tommy Kovac (Royal Historian of Oz) and Kirk Kushin (OZopolis) and an additional interview with our Ozzy entertainment for Saturday night, Joe Cascone and David Haines of the Toronto Civic Light Opera Company.

Eric Shanower will be doing a full-color painting for the program's front cover and OZopolis cover artist, Sylwia Smerl, has prepared a lovely full color piece for the back!

So, how can you get a copy of this highly-collectible Pirate booty? Well, you'll just have to come to the Winkie Con. Click here for details and registration materials!

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