Friday, June 29, 2012

Ease on Down the ROAD

The final issue of Marvel's Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz - issue #8 - just came out, so if you missed it, get to your local comic store for a copy to find out what happens when Eureka the kitten is accused of eating Ozma's pet piglet.

And, still on a roll, Marvel's next Oz book has been announced - you guessed it - The Road to Oz. The award-winning creative team of Eric Shanower (script), Skottie Young (art), and Jean-Francois Beaulieu (color) will be back on September 5, 2012, with the first issue of Marvel Comics's adaptation of L. Frank Baum's fifth Oz book, The Road to Oz. See Skottie's cover for issue #1 above. Here's how Marvel describes the contents:

When dusty Kansas roads suddenly turn into magic highways, it's a safe bet that one of them is the road to Oz, but which one? Dorothy's off on another fantastic adventure, and Toto is back, too. This time their companions are strange - an old homeless guy with a magic magnet and a mentally-challenged child named Button-Bright.


diana green said...

Very cool, David. Is Marvel planning a deluxe edition of these? It would be so nice to have them all in one snappy book like the First graphic novel reprint volume!

saintfighteraqua said...

I am so excited for the hardback version of Dorothy and the Wizard. Getting these once a year must be the closest I can get to how kids felt in Baum's lifetime.

I know you probably have little or no control over this but I'd love to see many more behind the scenes pages in each hard back volume with notes on why Mr. Shanower and Mr. Young went with the designs they did for each character. I just love that sort of thing. :)
Maybe some character bio pages too. :)

Marcus said...

Calling Shaggy a homeless guy might be accurate... or not... but I'd never considered Saladin to be mentally challenged. Apathetic, maybe, but not mentally challenged. Gotta love it.

Sam said...

I may have to wait till September to get "Road" as a comic, but I can still get a dose of Eric Shanower with the third "Dorothy: Prequel" coming out this week (Kings Comics' newsletter said).

David Maxine said...

Diana: Stay tuned. Indications at Marvel point to hopeful.

Saintfighteraqua: Sorry, I have no control over Marvel's designs for these Oz books. I like the extra stuff they put in, too.

Marcus: Don't know.

Sam A M: So many Oz comics, so little time.