Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Table Top RPG at Winkie Con 50

Winkie Con 50 announces a table top Role Playing Game for Saturday afternoon, August 9. Titled The Missing Princess of Oz, the game will be led by your gamemaster Steve Koontz. Here's the description:
It’s Ozma’s birthday and the guest of honor has vanished! Take on the role of a citizen of the Emerald City in a live-action Ozzy adventure. Only you can find the fairy ruler of Oz. Do you have the smarts or the bravery or a big enough heart to save the Land of Oz? We need your help.
Sound familiar? That's probably because the Live Action Role Play announced earlier had the same description. But the LARP has now evolved into a table top game. The LARP wasn't getting strong interest, and due to space considerations, a table top RPG is a better idea for Winkie Con 50.

So join this exciting Oz adventure to find the Missing Princess! It's happening at Winkie Con 50, August 8-10, 2014, at the Town and Country Hotel in San Diego. Sign up at the convention to play.

For information about Winkie Con 50 and to register for the convention, click this link. 

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