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Winkie Con 2012 Time, Temp, and Travel Tips

Winkie Con 2012 begins 3 weeks from today on July 27. The convention takes place at the Asilomar Conference Grounds, 800 Asilomar Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA 93950-3704. Most Winkie Con activities take place in Fred Farr Forum and the buildings nearby. Fred Farr Forum is across Asilomar Avenue from the Asilomar main gate, on the corner of Asilomar Avenue and Sinex Avenue.

The Asilomar website is here:

Winkie Con 2012 starts on Friday, July 27, at approximately 3:30 PM, and ends after lunch on Sunday, July 29, at approximately 1 PM. If you still haven’t registered, the forms to do so are here:

The Opening Reception will be held on the patio outside of Fred Farr Forum beginning about 3:30 PM. At the Winkie Registration Table pick up your Winkie Con Bag. In your bag you’ll find the Winkie Program Book which provides a detailed schedule of the convention. If you’re staying on the Asilomar grounds you’ll also receive your room key. If you’re eating meals with the group, you’ll also receive your meal tickets for the weekend.

Meals are in Crocker Dining Hall on the main grounds of Asilomar. If you need assistance in traveling the distance to Crocker Dining Hall, Asilomar has a 24-hour jitney service that will pick you up near Fred Farr Forum and take you to Crocker Dining Hall. The jitney can be summoned using the house telephones that are located in every building. Dial 0.

Further Asilomar accessibility information is here:

Weather on the Monterey Peninsula in July tends to be overcast by day - although we often see the sun - and chilly at night. Make sure to bring a sweater, sweatshirt, light jacket, or other appropriate clothing.

Asilomar forecast is here:

The Asilomar Conference Grounds are located on Asilomar State Park & State Beach. The Pacific Ocean is easily accessible by a board walkway. Swimming in the ocean isn’t advised, but walks on the beach by day and night are pleasant. The Asilomar swimming pool is accessible to anyone staying on the Asilomar grounds.

If you’re arriving by car, there is a large underground parking garage beneath Fred Farr Forum. The entrance is accessible from Asilomar Avenue, just south of the intersection of Asilomar Avenue and Sinex Avenue, on the other side of the street from the main Asilomar gate. There are elevators from the parking garage to a couple of the buildings near Fred Farr Forum. The stairway from the parking garage leads to an exit near the Fred Farr patio area.

There is a small outdoor parking lot on the north side of the Kiln building off Sinex Avenue. Street parking is also available on Sinex Avenue.

Asilomar is accessible by bus. Greyhound runs to Salinas, California. Walk around the block from the Greyhound Station at 19 West Gabilan Street to the Salinas Transit Center at 110 Salinas Street, between Central and Lincoln Avenues. Take the local Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) bus #20 from the Salinas Transit Center to the Monterey Transit Center. Take the MST bus #1 from the Monterey Transit Center to the main gate of Asilomar.

Greyhound website:
Monterey-Salinas Transit website:

The Monterey Peninsula is accessible by airplane. Fly into the Monterey Regional Airport, then take the local MST bus #13 to the Monterey Transit Center, and then take the MST bus #1 to the main gate of Asilomar. Or from the Monterey Regional Airport take a taxi (approximately 20 minute ride) to the main gate of Asilomar.

Monterey Regional Airport website:
Monterey-Salinas Transit website:

If you want to fly into the San Jose Airport or into the San Francisco Airport, the Monterey Airbus will pick you up and take you to the downtown Monterey Airbus station at 438 Calle Principal. From there catch the local MST bus #1 to the main gate of Asilomar.

Monterey Airbus website for rates and schedule:
Monterey-Salinas Transit website:

For general info on Winkie Con 2012:

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