Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ozma of Oz - the Marvel way!

Today you get a sneak-peak at the cover design for the first issue of Eric Shanower and Skottie Young's adaptation of Ozma of Oz.It will be coming your way this fall from Marvel Comics.

Skottie's art is great! Dorothy Gale looks much the same as she did in Wonderful Wizard but she's gotten a Neillish haircut, Tik Tok is all wound-up for adventure, and all I can say about Billina is, "Bugs and worms, watch out!"

You can see some other cool things on Skottie Young's TweetPhoto page. Check it out!

The Marvel Ozma of Oz should really be super! I can hardly wait!


Tegan said...

Is that Billina? SQUEE!

oznickolaus said...

Simply LOVE it!!!!

Tim Tucker said...

Billina looks like she's got a sour bug lol. I love it!

ColinAyres said...

Just ordered the Wonderful Wizard of Oz book & finally found a shop in Stoke UK that Stocks the issues of the Marvelous Land of Oz comics series.

Love the look of Tik-tok.