Friday, August 6, 2010

Cave Men in Oz

Today has been very busy and for the first time there was a danger on no daily blog post. But I hate to break stride this early in the life of this blog. So you get ...

An original drawing by Dick Martin for The Ozmapolitan of Oz (1986). This was the the only Oz book Martin both wrote and illustrated. The drawing shows two prehistoric Ozzy cave dwellers. I'm not really very fond of the idea of Ozzy Cave Men. They just don't seem very ... Oz-like to me.

However, in one way this drawing is very Oz-like! Dick Martin based the characters' appearance on two long-time members of the International Wizard of Oz Club: Rob Roy MacVeigh and Robin Olderman.

Phew! Guess I dodged the daily blogging deadline just in time!

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Tim Tucker said...

Once you pointed it out, it's obvious!